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Sale of Afore Oy to AEM Holdings Ltd

Client: Afore Oy


Broadius acted as financial advisor for the owners of Afore Oy, when the Company was sold to AEM Holdings Ltd, a Company listed in Singapore. Afore, operating mainly on the global markets, is specialized in industrial testing systems for semiconductors and has in depth knowledge in testing and calibrating microelectronic sensors (MEMS). Afore’s products are known for their accuracy, reliability, ease of use as well as cost efficiency.

Afore was founded in 1995 and it has a long history in MEMS-testing. As a result of the completed transaction, Afore can in the future offer more versatile services to its current and new customers. Afore’s testing solutions for R&D and production of MEMS is already now highly accurate, reliable and cost efficient. As the MEMS technology becomes more and more common, Afore can together with AEM provide its key technical knowledge to a more versatile customer base.

”Broadius’ help as project manager in this international and complicated transaction, was significant for us owners”, states Afore Oy’s main owner and CEO Vesa Henttonen.

”Broadius’ help as project manager in this international and complicated transaction, was significant for us owners”

Vesa Henttonen
CEO and main owner, Afore Oy

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