Customer-driven and all-encompassing service

Leave worrying about the details of the transaction to us

We take total responsibility for the execution of the transaction – from start to finish – and deliver a successful result to our client.


We analyse the options and alternatives

The best solution is sometimes found outside the most obvious alternatives.


We raise the best shareholder value

We maximize shareholder value by professional auction preparation – internationally if feasible.


We execute the transaction

The transaction is completed quickly, reliably and with discretion.

Customer comes first

We have successfully carried out numerous divestments (sell side transactions), including the restructuring of the ownership base, thereby securing the success and continuity of the com­ pany, while ensuring that the entrepreneur receives proper compensation.

Sales Process

Immediately after receiving an assignment we'll look at the target company's strategy and business. Thorough research is the foundation for the sales material we produce, which allows the identified potential buyers to best discover the company and its potential. We follow through the transaction from preliminary offers all the way to a successful completion.

Fee Principles

Each transaction is different, so our fee structure varies. We prefer to first get acquainted with the target company and then give a proposal of the fee structure. We are willing to assume risk in a sales process, therefore our fee is mostly success based.

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    Acquisition Process

    In acquisition assignments we carry out the client’s expansion strategy according to their business objectives. We analyze acquisition possibilities, potential business prospects and their preliminary valuations.

    We chart the prospect’s sales intentions and prepare the necessary documentation to facilitate your decision­making process.

    We assume responsibility for and participate in the negotiations with the acquisition target. Our goal is to gather all necessary information for a preliminary bid.

    We manage and coordinate the required due diligences and lead the negotiations in order to ensure a smooth progression. The client, the buyer and the legal representatives for both sides participate in the negotiations.
    The process ends with signing and the financial transactions.

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